Every year, before the first freeze, you’ll want to have your system "blown out" or “winterized”. This is the process of forcing compressed air through the entire system to make it free of water and relatively safe against freeze damage.

The above diagram will assist you in taking some preventative steps if you have the above ground copper backflow unit such as the one above.  These are preliminary steps that can prepare your system for the compressor to blow out the rest of the water.  The copper/brass/pvc units above ground are the most susceptible to early freezes – so this temporary draining is an option while you are waiting for your scheduled blowout.

It also is helpful to wrap your above ground parts with a towel/blanket or insulating foam if you are concerned that water may still be present.

Also, this preparation may give you the flexibility to not have to be home when the technician comes with the compressor.  Just let your scheduler know if you’ve completed these steps yourself.  We look forward to serving you.

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*Shut off water at your main supply tap - (usually under stairs, or crawl space) or an outside supply often uses a long key through a small round cover in the yard.

 * Turn all 4 Valves on the unit shown here to a 45

  degree angle to end at a diagonal. Start with the left test cocks using a screwdriver.

*Open any drain cap you see inside or outside. You may want to have bowl or bucket handy for the inside, then REPLACE any caps after draining.

AFTER blowout:

*Loosen drain cap inside

​* Turn off timer (Controller)